Data drives the world.

We use data to drive the decisions we make on a daily basis. Decisions that are made in nanoseconds whether processed by our brain or by microprocessors in a CPU. We recognize the importance of data and the influence it has. Especially when it comes to making financial decisions that involve the investment of funds.

At Coinvest, we are not only a decentralized investment trading platform. We are a technology company that creates financial solutions. We create products and services that aid our users in executing financial transactions seamlessly without the need for external third-parties. To execute our vision, it’s imperative to be a part of the entire investment experience from start to finish.

“The process of investing doesn’t start when you execute a buy order. The process of investing starts when you begin your research.”

To attract users into the Coinvest ecosystem, we have created a portal for blockchain enthusiasts to consume a combination of Data, News, and Analytics on a daily basis. CoinDNA consists of the following three pillars:

Data: Information for specific cryptonized assets and the broader market such as markets, exchanges and ICOs

News: Compelling articles and simple daily market recaps to catch you up on the day’s events.

Analytics: Predefined views and tools for deeper insights and analytics.

Simple beautiful data, news, and analytics for the world of cryptocurrencies. No nonsense. Just pure data to help you make informed investment decisions.

Through quality content and insights, CoinDNA aims to build trust and credibility with average and sophisticated investors. Once investors are ready to invest, that trust and credibility assists in converting the user to the Coinvest platform.

At Coinvest, we aim to add value both inside and outside of our trading platform. Whether performing research or selling a position, we want to be alongside you through the investment process. CoinDNA achieves the former by providing insights to help investors with their investment decisions.