Crypto Market is Stalling This Week, Still No Big Movements For The Top 100

The week was stable - or lethargic as some people would like to call it. It's been alternating in red and green in very small amounts -no huge pumps, no huge dumps. Or as some would like to call it "boring". The Top 100, which should have been blooming when the Bitcoin is ranging is having a hard time pushing the trend up.  


The market capitalization dropped to $217 Billion today, from yesterday’s $219 Billion. What’s noticeable is that it has been staying under $220 Billion for a week now. The 24-hour volume is on its second day at $12 Billion. BTC dominance has crept back up to 52% showing that the altcoins are not really recovering even though some of them is in the green.


There is no argument though that Bitcoin seems stuck at $6600. It has been ranging on this level for a couple of weeks now and everyone is on the watch when it's going to move and where. There’s still a raging debate on this and we're keeping our eyes out. Currently, it is at $6582 and has lost a negligible -0.24%.  The volume is down at $3.7 Billion and it doesn't look good right now.



It’s the same story for Ethereum which is stuck at the $220 level. Currently, it has lost -0.88% on the day, and trading at $221. The volume is also worrying at this moment.



The Top 10 crypto is not showing any movement as well. EOS is the only one barely positive at 0.56%. Stellar is at an almost green at 0.09%. XRP is the biggest loser at -3.63% and the rest are at 0-2% loss.


The altcoins in the top 25 are almost green overall -TRON is at 3.42% which makes it the biggest gainer on the Top 25 crypto today. It went as high as 6% earlier before pulling back to its current price at $0.022. Zcash is also positively green at 3.12%. On the other end is NEM at -3.52%.


There are several good pumps or surges today in the Top 100. Holo is on a double-digit gain at 26.61% and leading the Top 100 in gains. Genesis Vision, as well, is at 18.85%. Aurora is back in the game at 16.56%. Nexo, Decentraland, and CyberMiles are at 10-11% gain today. There are no big losses on the Top 100 today and the only one that stands out is token at -7% loss on the day.

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