Bitcoin Still On Recovery Mode And Top Altcoins Are Taking Advantage With Double-Digit Gains

Today is the second day of green for the market and people are so unused to it that everybody is second guessing if it will last or not. The rise was consistent enough yesterday but the question in everyone's mind is whether this will continue. The entire board is mostly green with a sprinkle of reds here and there but on minimal percentages.

The market capitalization is continuing its way back up and now has reached $140 Billion. Trading volume is good at $20 Billion and the BTC Dominance is still rising at 53.7%.

The Bitcoin price is enjoying the surge and is now at $4382 and still climbing at the time of this writing. Yesterday we mentioned that it needs to pass $4200 safely before we can categorize it as a recovery and not just another ‘dead cat bounce’. Now, it needs to go over $4400 to continue enjoying its hard-won fight. The volume is continuing to balloon as it jumped another $5 Billion to $75.4 Billion. We are being taunted with a possible bullish reversal as we watch another biggest single-day gain since April.  

Ethereum took the day in stride, though not as quick to move as its big brother. The Asian trading session took it to $122 with a 6% growth on the day. The technical chart is still in the dark for the short term as it struggles to bring its market cap back up. Ethereum has been performing poorly and is, in fact, one of the worst performing coins in the past weeks as it touched below $100 twice in November.

The rest of the Top 10 are still in good condition today and everything is green. Cardano (which was kicked out of the TOp 10 yesterday) is the biggest gainer at 13.83% and Stellar won 10.97% gain on the day. The rest are at 3-10% with EOS and Bitcoin SV falling behind at 1+%.

Tron has been enjoying quite a surge on the Top 25 after an update today. It has pushed Monero out of the 11th place and is now inching up against Cardano on the 10th position. 0x has gained 18.31% on the day, taking the price to $0.454. VeChain has recovered another 13.42% taking the price back to almost the same level before the Bitcoin drop on Thanksgiving. NEO rounds up the double-digit gainers in the Top 25 at 10.83% growth on the day.

Verge overtook the entire Top 100 with a 46.27% pump after a listing in Bithumb. Factom is surging again at 39.78%. Bitcoin Private is still at it after yesterdays pump and has harvested another 37.45%. Sirin Labs, as well is back to the pump list at 35.88%. Other coins regaining their losses are Centrality, Waltonchain, PIVX, Populous, and Komodo at 18% to 22%. The rest are all in recovery mode and in healthy green.


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