Litecoin Lighting Up The Sunday Crypto Markets, Top 100 Still On Marginal Movement

There's been very little movement on the crypto markets overnight. We have mixed reds and greens on the crypto-board and there area few coins that are performing better than others. Generally, though, as we have reported yesterday, gain and loss are marginal for most.


The market capitalization had a small pullback this Sunday as it retreated to $131.4 Billion. Trading volume has been steady at $16 Billion this weekend. BTC dominance is not moving and has been on the same level for the past few days. It has registered 51.1% on the day.


Although the momentum on the daily chart remains positive, Bitcoin has been tiptoeing around the $3800. Once again, it has been rejected on the $3900 level and fell back. On the day, it fell back by -0.67% and is trading at $3807 on Binance at the time of this writing. The trading volume is thinning at $4.9 Billion.

Ethereum is currently correcting this Sunday as it dropped -2.31% on the day. It has fallen back to 152.30. On the 4-hour chart, it remains bullish and might be able to break the $160 resistance should the buying pressure spike during the day.


Most of the Top 10 is pretty much on a standstill except for Litecoin and Tron which continues to be bullish today. Litecoin, which has been quiet for some time has jumped to 8.05% today taking the price to $35.95, along with its trading volume to $700 Million. Tron, on the other hand, is still green today at 2.39%. On the other hand, EOS is the biggest loser on the Top 10, losing -1.14% on the day.


For the Top 25, there has been very minimal movement all around with 0-1% gain/loss. Only Cardano has shown a stronger performance as it brought home 6.16% gain on the day. IOTA is sitting on the opposite side with a -4.29% loss on the day.


Down the Top 100, ODEM is back on the pump list as it shoots up to 45.81% gain on the day. On the opposite side, REPO has lost its earnings from its 2-day pump and has dumped -21.26% on the day. Apart from that, there's been not much movement either way.

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